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The main activity of the IPCC is to provide in regular intervals Assessment Reportsof the state of knowledge on climate change. The latest one is "Climate Change 2007", the Fourth IPCC Assessment Report.


The IPCC produces also Special Reports, Methodology Reports,Technical Papers and Supporting Material, often in response to requests from the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC, or from other environmental Conventions.


The preparation of all IPCC reports and publications follows strict procedures agreed by the Panel. The work is guided by the IPCC Chair and the Working Group and Task Force Co-chairs. Hundreds of experts from all over the world are contributing to the preparation of IPCC reports as authors, contributors and reviewers. The composition of author teams shall reflect a range of views, expertise and geographical representation. Review by governments and experts are essential elements of the preparation of IPCC reports.


For a complete list of IPCC Publications please visit the IPCC Secretariat website