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WGI/WGII Expert Meeting on Assessing and Combining Multi-Model Climate Projections

Boulder, Colorado, USA, 25-27 January 2010


This expert meeting will provide tentative best practices in selecting and combining results from multiple models for IPCC AR5; in short the beginning of a quantitative framework for analysis and assessment of the models. The meeting will help to bring the community into a position to make better use of the new model results and provide more robust and reliable projections of future climate, along with improved estimates of uncertainty. Specific aims of the meeting will be to maximize the robustness and policy relevance of the projections provided in the presence of model error, projection uncertainty, observational uncertainties and a heterogeneous set of models. Interactions between WGI and WGII will be ensured by the participation of a number of representatives from WGII with broad expertise on impacts and user needs.



Proposal approved by the IPCC Plenary


Meeting report

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