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Following the decision of the panel at its 43rd Session to accept the invitation from the UNFCCC, at its 44th Session, the Panel approved the outline of Global Warming of 1.5°C, an IPCC special report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and related global greenhouse gas emission pathways, in the context of strengthening the global response to the threat of climate change, sustainable development, and efforts to eradicate poverty.

The report will be finalized in September 2018.

To view the schedule for SR1.5 click here.

First Order Draft (FOD) Review

The Expert Review of the First Order Draft of the IPCC Special Report Global Warming of 1.5°C took place from 31 July to 24 September 2017.

Information Note


Guidance for authors to on responding to reviews (new)

Third Lead Author Meeting (LAM3)

Malmö, Sweden, from 23 to 27 October 2017

Meeting Booklet (a copy of this document will be provided) (new updated 20th October 2017)

Welcome Letter (new)

Meeting agenda (new updated 26th October 2017)

Room Assignment (new)

Map of Location (new)

Practical details (new)

List of Resturants in Malmö (new)

Instructions for train from Copenhague airport to Malmö (new)

Second Lead Author Meeting (LAM2)

Exeter, UK, from 5 to 9 June 2017

Meeting Booklet

Welcome Letter

Meeting agenda

Room Assignment

Practical details

List of Participants (with photos)

Participants' contact details

First Lead Author Meeting (LAM1)

Sao José dos Campos, Brazil, from 6 to 10 March 2017

Meeting Booklet

Meeting agenda

List of participants

Presentations from SR1.5 LAM1

Guidance on the degree of certainty in findings and use of literature, March 2017

Frequently Asked Questions, March 2017

Procedures for the preparation, review, acceptance, adoption, approval and publication of IPCC reports

General information

Scoping Meeting of the 1.5 SR

Information note on the organization of the scoping meeting (submitted to the 44th Session of the IPCC)

SR1.5 approved outline

SR1.5 list of author teams (new)

SR1.5 Schedule

IPCC acronyms

Role of CLA, LA, RE

Role of REs (new)

Expert Review of the FOD: Instructions to Authors (new)

Guidance notes and papers

Guidance note on Confidentiality

Guidance note on communicating with the media and the public

General Guidance note on literature

Guidance Note for Lead Authors of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report on Consistent Treatment of Uncertainties

Annex A to Guidance note for Lead Authors of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report on Consistent Treatment of Uncertainties

Good practice Guidance on combining and assessing multi model climate projections

Good practice guidance paper on detection and attribution

Media Briefing at Lead Author Meetings of the Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C

Meeting Report of the IPCC Expert Meeting on Scenarios, May 2015

Report of the IPCC Expert Meeting on Communication, February 2016

Scoping of the Special Report

Scoping Meeting Background Document of the Special Report on 1.5°C

Special Report on 1.5°C scoping (Please select the scoping tab)

AR6 Annotated Outlines of Special Reports

Special Report on global warming of 1.5°C

Special Report on climate change and oceans and the cryosphere

Special Report on climate change, desertification, land degradation, sustainable land management, food security, and greenhouse gas fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems